Reading Slump


So reading slump this is the commonly known problem of all readers. They pick up a book and read a few chapters and leave it. Its Quite a hard to overcome a reading slump but I find ways that can help you overcome it. And I try these and they were really effective.

So here are the ways on how to overcome your reading slumps:

1. Choose a book that your dying to read.
2. Read romance or funny books
3. Choose books that are short and easy to read.
4. As much as possible don’t watch shows or movies.
5. Watch a Booktube
6. Talk to those people who love books.
7. Join a read-along
8. Go to places that have alot of books, like bookstores and library.
9. Go to bookstagram, bookblog. It may encourage you to read again
10. Join bookish groupchats.

So thats all if these ways help you dont forget to comment, like and follow my blog. Byee. Have an amazing day!


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I love big books and I cannot lie.

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