Red Queen Review (spoiler free)


So guys, Red Queen is really amazing I really enjoy it, I give it 5/5 stars because why not? Its a masterpiece. This book is about a girl named Mare, she is red blood and in that world reds are nothing, they are slaves and of course poor, while the silver bloods are the highest, they have special abilities, they are rich and they are the only one who can rule that world. Mare is the kind of girl that will do everything to sustain her family. She stole. But one day she have to work from the king. And in the palace she discovers an ability of her own, except she is a red blood, so the king decided to hide her personality, they say that shes a lost princess. Alot of things happen. The plot twist was insane. You should all read this book guys! Its really amazing. Its intense. I highly recommend this book. The writing is neatly done. Its not that hard to read.

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