Top 5 Cry Worthy Books


Hey guys! Here are the books that made me cry. These books are random. I didn’t rate them on how much I cry.

So Here are my top 5 books that made me cry:

1. The Fault In our Stars- Omg this book! I swear I love this book. But the ending broke me. Like most of us here knew tfios right? I didn’t expect it. When I read the part that all of us broke our hearts. I was in my room and suddenly I really cry like a baby because you know it really hurts and then my sister saw me and she was like why are you crying? And I replied nothing I just really love this book and she walks out of my room with a weird face.
2. Me Before You- This book is really heart breaking. Its like tfios but theres something different about it. When I was read the ending I was at my bed reading and suddenly I go to the bathroom with a watery eyes and read the chapter again so that no one can hear me sobbing.
3. Extraordinary Means- I really love the characters of this book and when the Im reading the ending I just cry but not sob or cry really hard because Im just shocked about the ending I mean I didnt expect it. This book its like tfios I mean really tfios, more like tfios but the difference is in this book the characters have TB instead of cancer.
4.Allegiant – Omg this book. I have mix emotions about this book, I love it but I hate it. It broke my heart I was in my friend’s room and when I read the part that all of those who read this book cry. I really sob hard. I really love that character. But you know. Ugh you gotta read it right now!!!
5. If I Stay- Im in love with this book. I don’t really  cry alot  in this book I just have a teary eyes because I feel sad about Mia. Like how can she handle that kindda situation. If you haven’t read this book, you must give it a try.

And thats all and counting haha. So if you guys like this and agreed with these cry worthy books feel free to comment or chat me so that we can discuss more about these books. Pleasw follow me and like my posts on my blog. Thanks have a nice day!

                 -Kathleen ♥♥


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I love big books and I cannot lie.

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